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About Us

Gina Sundeen, owner of Azalea Catering Company, grew up in South Dallas and graduated from DeSoto High School.  Her love of food came from watching Julia Childs and the Frugal Gourmet on Saturdays in her early 20’s.  She started collecting cookbooks and experimenting with recipes.  When her children got into junior high, she started catering for school banquets.  This soon became a thriving business as she expanded into the corporate and wedding world.  After moving to Tyler, she sold the Dallas area business and worked for a local bank.  Two months after getting married, Gina was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Since her mother had died of breast cancer in 1986, Gina had mammograms every year.  Clearly, early detection was key, because Gina is a 10-year survivor and served on the East Texas Komen Board of Directors.  Her passion has always been entertaining and cooking.  Azalea Catering Company is her dream career, and her success is due to her hard work and her goal to always strive for perfection - and therefore achieve excellence!  Gina and Mark Sundeen live in Flint Texas.  Gina has a daughter and a son, three precious grandsons, grand daughter and a wonderful stepson.  Life is good!

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